On-call’s Permanent Success Continues

May 19th, 2016

On-call recruitment were last week proud to see another of it’s temps make the move to full-time employment as Courtney Lewers joined the growing workforce at Fastenal in Basford.

Our Customer Relations Manager Louise Godfrey made the short journey from the On-call office in Nottingham to Basford to meet Courtney and Fastenal General Manager Greg Wimberly.

“We set people up with temporary employment but it’s fantastic when people like Courtney work so hard that the places we send them take them on full-time like on this occasion” Louise said.

“We know there’s a stigma attached to some agencies, where perhaps people think once you get into the agency system you’re going to be there for a while but people like Courtney and our other Temp To Perms prove otherwise.”

Speaking to On-call after signing his permanent contract, Courtney spoke highly of the help afforded to him by our staff: “I’d seen On-call recruitment online and applied for a job. I got a call then from Louise and Fastenal was the first place I was sent to. On-call sorted me out straight away – I signed up, came down here the next day, was working the day after that!

“I spent time somewhere else, then Greg here obviously knew the job before so he got in touch asking if I could come back here and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve been at Fastenal in total for about eight months now and everyone has been really great with me. “

We asked Courtney if he’d recommend the services of On-call to friends, and he was quick to say yes: “The service has been great, the guys have always been in touch to make sure everything was ok, I’ve never had any late payments, no reason to chase them up. Everything has been very smooth with On-call and I’ve already put friends in touch with them.”

Fastenal use temporary agencies a lot in the US, this has then come over to the UK and that’s why Courtney found this position. General Manager Greg spoke about the help he’d received from the staff at On-call: “We’ve used a lot of people from On-call, and we’re only looking to take on more as well. We’ve been using On-call for about two and a half years. I’ve been very pleased with the service.

“Courtney is always on time, he’s a hard worker and even when he wasn’t a Fastenal employee he was always asking questions, always learning, trying to fit in and help us out when we needed him which was very impressive. Temporary work is very important to us at Fastenal in helping fill the gaps when we need the labourers that we don’t have at the time. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with On-call recruitment and very much plan on continuing to use them myself going forward.”

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