On-call Launch Video Job Card Service

December 5th, 2017

On-call recruitment Ltd today announces the launch of it’s new Video Job Card service – an innovative way of ensuring reliability, productivity and safety from the word go!

2017 has seen a rise in clients needing a more tailored approach to their recruitment needs and our response was to provide an added service of filming, editing and producing work-related content for employees as we have our own in-house media and marketing team.

The service aims to provide businesses with the means to communicate via media all aspects of it’s work processes, thus saving time inducting new staff whilst ensuring methods and safety are being introduced to a captive audience. We are able to arrange a site visit to obtain your job brief, and film any relevant aspects of your working environment in order to produce a one time job card.

The video can be stored confidentially for our own internal use when introducing staff to your business, or produced – for an agreed fee – for those businesses who would benefit from their own video job card. Contact On-call today on 0115 8715 990 for more details about this, and our other offerings.